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2700 Paying Customer

Est. April 2019

2 Offices

27 Employees (and counting)

Our Core values

Purpose Driven

Our heart is our most important instrument. We genuinely care about helping people achieve their full potential in business and life. We commit to radically change lives for the better


Open is always better than closed. We believe that openness, truth and transparency aligns us, develops trust and makes us much stronger as a whole. There are no closed doors in our company. Being open enables us to move in the right direction as a force instead of as separate units going all over the place.

Deliver Results

The success of our members is our success. The results we deliver for our members is our primary measure of results. It’s our mission to make them thrive.

Members First

Members always come first. We believe listening to our members and caring about them is the most important thing we always have to do. We obsess over our members. Focus on the members and all else will follow. This guides us in the direction that matters most.


We believe that creating a successful business is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. We want to inspire as many people as possible to create a prosperous business. Everyone can turn vision into reality.


We believe being owners is fundamental to our success. Owners feel responsible for what they do. They walk the extra mile. Owners work harder, smarter and strive to be the best they can be. Owners have discipline. They get shit done.

Think big and push the boundaries

We will positively impact the businesses and lives of millions of people.

Do few things extremely well

We believe in doing a few things we care about extremely well. It forces us to narrow down on doing what’s most valuable on the long-term. Focusing on what is truly important is the only way to create real value.

Built great relationships

We believe that having great relationships for our team and our customers is what aligns and unites us. Building great relationships that people care about has the biggest payoff there is: trust, teamwork, care, loyalty and synergy. It’s also a lot more fun.

Act fast

Speed is crucial in business, especially in this phase of our company. We collaborate, think thoroughly and execute as fast as possible. Most learning happens when you are action-oriented and do a lot of things. 


Schedule a call to have a chat!


Schedule a call to have a chat!


Schedule a call to have a chat!


Schedule a call to have a chat!


  1. You get a free subscription on Blinkist.
  2. Boloo takes care of your local gym membership
  3. You get the dopest (and exclusive) Boloo gear so you always look fresh. 
  4. You get a new Kindle with 2 Kindle books for free each month.
  5. You get the optimal supplements each month to perform at your best. 

💰 Competitive salary: Our salary formula adjusts to your cost of living and experience.

👓 'Growth mindset' fund: Extra money for learning and development.

⛺️ Minimum vacation: At least 3 weeks/year!

✈️ Retreats: Join us for company get-togethers twice per year! Our next retreat is in Greece.

👕Boloo swag

The biggest risk is not taking any risk. 

Skah - Founder